Screening at the Rialto Theater in Loveland

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RialtoOldsmQuantum leaps that lead to social change happen not only within, but also at your local theater! Really? It’s happening in Loveland, Colorado this July 23rd!

Jennifer Monk, a Loveland yoga teacher has found that by doing screenings of conscious media, she’s not only sharing the ideas of todays luminaries, but by offering a split of the door to help her local homeless.

When we talked to Jennifer, she’s finding more and more satisfaction screening films for fundraising at her local theater, and is really starting to focus on it. It’s a great way to do seva (selfless service), thinking and acting locally.

We’re very excited about this screening, as her efforts in her community are the very essence of compassion and unity; virtues that Dr. Goswami finds inherent in the signatures of quantum mechanics.”You can change yourselves, and your society at the same time” says Amit. “I invite you to become quantum activists, with this resolution in mind.”

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