Quantum physics in the form of its famous observer effect (how an observation transforms quantum possibilities into actual experiences in the observer’s consciousness) is forcing us into a paradigm shift away from the primacy-of-matter to a new paradigm: the Primacy of Consciousness. Quantum Activism is the idea of changing ourselves and our societies in accordance with the transformative and revolutionary message of quantum physics.  This change is taking its cue from the emergence of a new paradigm within science; the paradigm of a consciousness based reality as articulated by Quantum Physics.

So what are the transformative messages of quantum physics? First, consciousness is the ground of all being, and all objects of our experience (sensing, thinking, feeling, and intuition) are quantum possibilities for consciousness to choose from.

Second, if we choose from what is known, that is to say, what is conditioned in us from prior experiences, we are choosing from our ego-consciousness. But if we choose what is unknown, what is unmanifest in our prior experiences, we are choosing from what spiritual traditions call God-consciousness (in scientific language we call it quantum consciousness). Choosing from God-consciousness requires quantum leaps (movement from point A to point B without going through intermediate steps), nonlocality (signalless communication), and tangled hierarchy (causal relationships of circularity)

The third message of quantum physics is the evolution of consciousness, and it is taking us toward a greater and greater capacity for processing the meaning of our lives and the world around us. The immediate future of evolution is promising to take us from our current preoccupation with the rational mind to an intuitive mind that values the archetypes; such as Good, Beauty, Truth, Justice, and Love, and gives us the ability to process the meaning of our lives through these archetypes.

So the goal of the quantum activist is to explore quantum possibilities and manifest these archetypes—Good, Beauty, Truth, Justice, and Love—in his or her life as intimately and as expressly as one can, and in doing so to help transform the world. The means a quantum activist uses to achieve this goal are threefold—right thinking, right living, and right livelihood.

Right thinking consists of understanding the paradigm shift from a user’s point of view and helping others in our environment to do so. Right living consists of walking the talk, manifesting our understanding in how we live, and becoming guiding examples for the inspiration of others. As such it takes a lot of quantum leaps, openness to being in the nonlocality of God consciousness which informs the doing of the ego’s day to day activities;, and the desire to change hierarchical relationships into tangled ones. Right livelihood consists of earning our living in a way that is congruent with our modes of thinking and living and helping our entire society to achieve this congruence.

It is exciting you say, but is that enough to motivate me? I will tell you my fundamental understanding: if you are reading this column you are already motivated. You know what? Consciousness is already pressuring you to join its evolutionary movement.

So what do we do now? We become Quantum Activists of course!

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  3. Oskar Castro

    I am ever so grateful! This has moved my consciousness farther into the state of understanding and reasoning it was moving into. It validates the perceptions and insights I have been exploring on my own and am very pleased to be a part of such a ground breaking community of like mindedness. I live between the worlds of science and spirituality and am excited to be a part of this mindset. The primacy of consciousness! I am a Quantum Activist!

  4. Jeff

    This movie lifted my spirit, in understanding a quantitative connection between spiritual belief systems and logical science. It’s interesting to learn how Mr. Goswami’s consciousness changed as he put this all together. Putting importance on consciousness over materialism, and solving problems with love first, could make all of us live better and become better neighbors.

  5. David M

    We all need to do as much as we can to get this message spread like wild fire.

  6. Feredoon Nobar

    This is just awesome; the new science is coming for liberation of mankind. Love it.

  7. Zsolt Zsofka

    “Quantum Leap” is a phrase I never expected to hear from such an authority as Amit!
    Of course we can utilize the “quantum” word for attention catching but once we THINK about the word choosing about moving forward, the words QUANTUM and LEAP just does not make much sense together, is it?
    I post more details on the “RIGHT THINKING” Group page.

  8. Abhinav

    Just saw the quantum activist a few days back.The idea of downward causation initially seemed very abstract and not very convincing. But after giving a bit of though it really does have a very intuitive appeal. I read the tao of physics which explores the parallels between eastern mysticism and physics. I was desperate to go one step further in understanding the relation and I found perfectly what i wanted in this documentary. Concepts like the unity of all things and the quark symmetries just seem all the more beautiful now. We indeed need to spread the message!

  9. Mark Hoffmeister

    The thought of “Open Heart Urgency” is what I got from this movie at the very end. I had heard most of the concepts presented separately but up until now have never experienced actually being asked to take an understandable action by an author based on those concepts. The plea to have an open heart, (talking about that actual physical area of the body the “heart chakra”), and at the same time making it clear that area is used in non-local communication to connect with others, to love others, as our selves, was my first “satura” – a knowing of something and a feeling that I know something deep and meaningful, and that I have changed because of it, that I have ever experienced – just now, tonight!. I hope it stays with me, and that others get this too… Thank You!

  10. Arek Popovich

    I congratulate Dr. Gosmami for having the courage to present this ”Consciousness Based Existence” paradigm into the traditional ”Matter Based existence” of the Scientific community.

    I can only imagine the opposition he has faced from his colleges.

    It is time for traditional scientific community to recognize that science and spirituality are, at its very core, one and the same and that both have the same common purpose of understanding the nature of reality and existence.

    In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes revolutionary.

    You are a “revolutionary” in the Scientific community.

    Way to go Dr. Goswami


  11. Scott McCain

    I just ran across The Quantum Activist last night on Netflix and am now reeling from the concepts that I’ve been exposed too. All of the discontinuities of reality that have bugged me since I can remember were all elegantly removed with the concepts I learned after watching your documentary. One thing that struck me, however, is the parallelisms between the thought of concious based experience as was presented in the film and the teachings of Alfred Whitehead et al. Especially Whiteheads process philosophy. Is there a reason for the correlation (i.e. Dr. Goswami was influenced by Whitehead) or is it just a matter of coming to a similar conclusion through different means?

  12. A Bird

    After looking for over a decade, I feel that Mr. Goswami has put forth the wisest interpretation of God and reality that I have come across. I am educating myself in all of his teachings, as well as other like minded individuals, in hopes that I may make apparent some new possibilities.

  13. Will Kubaitis

    This is it! I was raised in a science friendly family as my father was a programer at Fermi Lab. I began experiencing bliss 4 years ago and began searching for answers as to why. My journey started with the essay “This is it” by Alan watts. and moved through “the perennial philosophy” I began to understand that what I was experiencing has been documented by all religions. But until now my feelings have conflicted with my science upbringing. There is no more conflict after seeing this video. I understand now completely and I am so grateful that the playful nature of what gave me the gift of bliss (kundalini, holy spirit or chi or subconscious)…lead me to randomly choose this on netflix. I thought it was just a quantum mechanics doc. Thanks much to the makers.

  14. Tara Wadsworth

    Finally someone gets it and can explain what I’ve often known on a deep unconscious level but only glimpsed in my dreams, upon waking feeling as though I’ve discovered a great but simple understanding of all that is and why but unable to hold onto this knowledge or have the right language on which to explain. This documentery takes you down the rabbit hole of both heaven and earth and Amit sets your mind on fire as he blends both science and spirit unlike it’s ever been done before. A true genius and mystic himself.

  15. Tara Wadsworth

    How can we become more involved I have been so inspired and wish to join this movement of Quantum Activism?

  16. Mickey Z

    Like Will, I also experienced the wonderful initiation of Bliss. After a few months of “scary”, yet painless kriyas, it’s heralding spinal upsweep left me thankful for intuitive friends. It was a completely unexpected Kundalini Awakening. I also “found” Quantum Activist on Netflix and was completely blown away. For decades, I had believed in this, but here a scientist finally agreed with what I had long “felt” to be correct. Thank you for releasing this wonderful movie! There are no accidents 🙂

  17. Noah cowper

    Is there any way of testing wether the conchesness(he called it God)(I would call it Jehovah’s holly spirit) that we live in,that creates every thing. was created it’s self or is just a power that’s there? This sinence fits in vary well with what iv leard growing up as a Jehovah’s witness.

  18. Ash Roney

    My eyes allow me to see the world in a very specific way. So, I close my eyes in order to sense the world without my primary sense (which I am very conditioned upon). Now I may experience new possibilities about the world around me, and in me.

  19. J.C. Vintner

    Dr. Amit,

    The moment of your spiritual revelation as you asked yourself, “What is it I’m doing here?” was no accident. You were called upon at that very moment to share the wealth of your knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world on a spiritual level, and you did not fail. You have reached millions with your message. You are respectfully leading science to face the facts of our spiritual awareness which defines us as human. For that, I have the utmost respect. Thank you!

  20. Steven

    CONFESSIONS OF A NETFLIX JUNKIE: After viewing “Quantum Activist” for the second night in a row, I watched an episode of “Ancient Aliens- Angels and Visitations” to see how my new found (the best I’ve found!) confidence in non-local consciousness would affect my perception of that subject. It dawned on me then, that so called higher or “Overlord” sentience does not hold us in our present paradigm of “Earthen playpen” though dimensional or time & space boundary (like Hawking or Sagan might say), but by the very nature of our present collective materialist paradigm! I AM A QUANTUM ACTIVIST.

  21. Biswajit Datta

    Quantum activism is one that gives enormous pleasure to those who with their highly rational mind-set intend to know the ulimate reality & the purpose of the whole of the existence.I congratulate Dr.Amit Goswami for his pioneering work ,which, I feel , is the need of the hour for it can transform the world into one that is highly sought after in the ultimate analysis.I am highly inclined to get introduced to Dr.Goswami.

  22. Rafhael Brum Werlang

    In recent years I have sought a concept for God. I discuss these ideas through informal discussions with students and friends. I am very excited for many of the ideas presented by Professor Amit, since many of them converge some concepts that were formulated, based on quantum theory.

  23. Chris

    Thank you. Circularity brings both beauty and meaning to life. This has given me me a new perspective on God, life and the nature of reality. When Einstein was confronted with explaining the complexity of his theory of relativety he stated that, Relativety should be something that can be understood by a barmaid. He was of course stating that science can be explained simply and be understood by the layman. Very few in science have been able to accomplish this. Dr. Goswami, however, accomplished this with elegance. Again, you have my gratitude.

  24. Jennifer Moffitt

    Dr. Goswami, thank you for your generous work in this film. Such an absolute pleasure to see another kindred spirit. As a former research scientist and as a non-traditional healer (acupuncture) it has been so difficult to explain why I feel absolutely no split between eastern and western medical principals, biochemistry and oriental medicine. I use both methods where appropriate and have always felt natural using energy to explain chemical and biological processes to my patients. How magical to discover another scientific pillar which supports my world view and now will be able to refer questions here.

  25. Antonio Carlos Mongiardim Gomes Saraiva

    I believe that we urgently need to create and to develop one another form to be and to understand the universe…

  26. Sandhya Ahlawat

    Love amitji and love the film
    Keep it up consciousness tho us!!!!
    We are all evolving as we speak

  27. Ma Deva Punya

    Dr Amit,
    Thank you very much for being so generous, sharing with us your thoughts, ideas, knowledge and beliefs.
    There is no dualism in the reality, only oneness. All there is is counciousness.
    The Earth is in urge that more and more people get enlightened. It is a quantum event and happens in the now, it is beyond the mind.
    There is no free will, only counsciouness in the now. Now is not in space nor in time, now is infinite.Much love.
    Namaste, Deva Punya

  28. khadejha designs

    just getting my feet wet,,,,just saw this on npr,,,,,,thanks, more later,,, a new quantum activist….

  29. Will Hamilton

    Something is growing within us as we connect our spiritual life with quantum activism. This is a powerful platform to connect all manifest spiritbeings into an harmonious community creating change and beauty in ourselves and then in our society.

  30. Randall Snyder

    I have just watched this film for the 5th time and each time I grow an ever greater appreciation for its content. I shared this with a new friend tonight who received the message it contains. I have just experience the joy of seeing the light come on. His whole perspective has been shifted. With the insights I have gained I find that I am constantly on a search for others to share this with. Dr. Goswami is a gift to humanity and I’m pleased to have discovered him and his work.

  31. Lisa Godfrey

    My gratitude to all who have woken and live a life of active consciousness. It’s an amazing transformation, completely authentic and perhaps the most inspiring experience we can have as human beings. Thank you, Amit, for being among the life-force that is taking us to an enlightened state, fully evolved and becoming what we always were. To the future!

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