Ri Stewart & Renee Slade

Renee and RiThe Quantum Activist was our first feature length documentary, and as such has been nothing short of an exciting roller coaster ride from the very beginning. Taking years of background in storytelling, media, graphics, symbology, mythology  and mysticism, we sought to combine  our collective resources to create film that honors living. Something collaborative. Something useful to all of us.

Originating from a conference on the Oregon coast that was electric with excitement, enthusiasm and creativity, it became clear early on that Dr. Goswami’s theories were of benefit to us all.

We, like many others have been disenchanted with much of the new media. Instead of the typical collage of sound bytes from disparate people, wrapped around nebulous understanding, we hoped to create a film that allowed this most clear and able theoretician and teacher to be able to fully express his idea’s and theories. Creative media for life!

From film production to digital storage issues, lighting logistics to copyright law, undoubtedly the greatest challenge and reward has been in spending so many months in contemplation on the importance of quantum physics  as an aid and language to our current understanding of the nature of Life and Reality itself.

Dr. Goswami’s teachings are precise and clear and yet… Just how do we represent non- locality?, discontinuity? Or the un-manifest? What wonderful contemplation, especially for a filmmaker who’s background is graphic arts!

Ironically the message of the film presents the very method to creatively discover answers to even our most perplexing puzzles.

It took two full years time from our first meeting Dr. Goswami to having the film ready for public viewing. It has been an adventure in creativity and in enthusiastic living. The concepts of Do Be Do Be Do were instrumental in it’s creation.

Interestingly though, we want to point out that Dr. Goswami is himself  The Quantum Activist. It is not ‘his’ movie. It was not solicited by him, nor were we employed by him to create the film. Instead, we were genuinely inspired by the work of this man and the notion that quantum physics can prove the existence of God. Never intended as anything more than a biographical study on a scientist and his life’s work,  it is now calling people to become Quantum Activists around the world. Something we never expected from a such a humble documentary film. We are truly honored as to how the film is touching peoples lives.

In choosing to do what we have felt was ours to do, we found joy in the making of it. Now it has a life of it’s own.

We hope it instills inspiration and creativity in your life as well.


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  2. Jonathan Allen

    It has offered an additional path of thought. Look up Viktor Schauberger, he some insights to nature as well. However, I am experiencing an idea that combines Viktor’s ideas with those of modern science – specifically, tying together both the implosive and explosive.

  3. ri

    Yes Alex – in fact we have just wrapped up our new film on the creative process – featuring Amit Goswami, Michael Meade and a host of wild creatives showing us how to think a new thought. You can learn more here: http://www.live4artmovie.com

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