Seattle’s East West Books

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We had  a great screening at East West Books in Seattle last night. (February 10th).Our last public screening at Central Cinemas in Seattle not only filled the house, but left 100 people looking for the next show. After the initial launch of the film in August, we are finally back in our home region with The Quantum Activist. Many joined … Read More

Screening at the Rialto Theater in Loveland

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Quantum leaps that lead to social change happen not only within, but also at your local theater! Really? It’s happening in Loveland, Colorado this July 23rd! Jennifer Monk, a Loveland yoga teacher has found that by doing screenings of conscious media, she’s not only sharing the ideas of todays luminaries, but by offering a split of the door to help … Read More

Team Screening at the Newport Performing Arts Center

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It was a grand occasion. Filled with possibilities, as represented by the rows and rows, and balconies of empty seats. An empty stage.  How would it look? How would it sound? How would it feel? This was the very first time we had the opportunity to screen The Quantum Activist on a screen of the magnitude of a performing arts … Read More