The Mainstream

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Looks like the Quantum Activist is now available at Walmart and Target stores!

When we were working on the film, exploring these radical concepts such as “Consciousness is the ground of being”, we had no idea that the Quantum Activist could ever become so mainstream.

When we were doing our pre-release screenings with friends and colleagues, the number one statement from them was “I got it, but I don’t think anyone else will.” We made a radical shift, instead of thinking everyone is incapable of understanding, to the notion that everyone is a lot more awake than we think.

We  consider this the pinnacle of mainstream. This means that people are looking for answers to to so many of our materialistic troubles. This means that people have more open minds than one would ever know.

And that makes us giddy.


5 Comments on “The Mainstream”

  1. Amanda A.

    Reading this actually makes me feel a lot of Hope and Joy! A higher consciousness for many is on the horizon! (or I am just forever an optimist)

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