Workbook Now Available for Download!

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After months of concerted effort, we are proud to announce the opportunity to download “The Quantum Activist Workbook“, here at the website. This workbook is written to assist enthusiastic viewers of the documentary film The Quantum Activist to go deep into the exploration of quantum activism. It is dedicated to all present and future quantum activists—a special breed of people … Read More

The Mainstream

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Looks like the Quantum Activist is now available at Walmart and Target stores! When we were working on the film, exploring these radical concepts such as “Consciousness is the ground of being”, we had no idea that the Quantum Activist could ever become so mainstream. When we were doing our pre-release screenings with friends and colleagues, the number one statement … Read More

A new review!

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“The Quantum Activist is a documentary on DVD revealing a tremendous shift in thought outside of the standard materialist perspective of mainstream science. More and more scientists are constructing and evaluating a paradigm grounded in the power and presence of consciousness. Amit Goswami, Ph.D. guides viewers through a tour of what the similarities in the world’s major religions and mystical … Read More

Seattle’s East West Books

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We had  a great screening at East West Books in Seattle last night. (February 10th).Our last public screening at Central Cinemas in Seattle not only filled the house, but left 100 people looking for the next show. After the initial launch of the film in August, we are finally back in our home region with The Quantum Activist. Many joined … Read More

Phoenix Premiere

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We hope you were able to join everyone in  warm and sunny Scottsdale Arizona for the Phoenix premiere of the Quantum Activist! The first screening was held at the New Vision Spiritual Center on Hayden. Our friends at New Vision have been the perfect hosts for our premiere, as they know personally the power of quantum physics, and the message … Read More

The Science and Nonduality Conference

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Everyone was there!  It’s was the conference of the year! It’s the only true conference on non-dual thought to emerge on the scene. We sincerely thank our friends at Neti Neti Media. An amazing group of people showed up for this event, with amazing takes and study on the nondual nature of consciousness. We assisted Dr. Goswami in his preconference workshop on … Read More