Have you heard the Soundtrack?

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We all loved the film, but so many asked “How can I get a copy of this soundtrack?

Now you can! It is available now at Amazon!

We are happy to share the release of the Quantum Activist Soundtrack, including music by Tony Kaltenberg, Michael Manring, and Ri Stewart.

Tony is an amazing guitarist, who plays in the style of Hedges and Kottke, while Michael is a musician who absolutely sets precedents worldwide. Known for his time as the bassist for Michael Hedges, he went on to form Windham Hill music in the early eighties. Now known for his brilliant solo bass style, he often accompanies Tony Kaltenberg whenever they can make their schedules coincide.

Tony’s acoustic guitar is set apart by his beautiful melodies, delicate style, and incredible tone. Combine this with Michaels bass, we have some amazing music!

As for the ambient and electronica by Ri Stewart, (who also happens to be one of the filmmakers of the Quantum Activist), she enjoys mixing electronica with her acoustic tabla and sarod. She is known for mixing up ethnic trance, and turning bollywood classics into dance hits, as her music always get’s your body moving!

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