The journey has just begun!

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Welcome to the blog and website for the new documentary “The Quantum Activist”. We’ve been working on this documentary film now for our 2nd year, and have just recently finished post-production.

What a wonderful journey it has been! While post is completed, this is only the beginning of the project.

We have been submitting to many film festivals, 17 to date, for possible screenings of the film. Relationships are being forged between other film production companies, distributors, conferences, & just all around great people every day.

So thank you for your interest in our film. The letters each day asking “When can I see it?” help those late nights at the editing station. We will be posting an event calendar soon as more screening dates are confirmed, hopefully in your area.

4 Comments on “The journey has just begun!”

  1. David B

    I saw Dr Goswami speak at the Bleep conference near Vancouver. I quite enjoyed his interview in WIE magazine on this subject so look forward to the film being seen here or available for purchase.

  2. Nicole M

    Found you somewhat randomly but prefer to think consciously while using the electricity of planet and brain…(apologies, my words fail me but the connection remains nevertheless) and i simply want to add my encouragement and hope, as David B says, that your film becomes available to a wider audience whether it be here or available for purchase. namaste’ and true appreciation of your path(s). Power to the peaceful and radical thinkers who blaze a trail with all of humanity in mind.


  3. LeoLim

    While a film may easily reach huge audiences, and it’s definitely most enjoyable to watch, but I think the “sensate” and the “drama-sequencing” essentials of a film may never be able to depict the real contents of what Consciouness and quantum reality are truly about.

    Trying to reduce some things so profound to a level of mere entertainment may be worthwhile to do commercially, but I doubt it could drive in the message to the intelligentia. Which is precisely where the biggest resistance lies. The greatest obstacle to this paradigm shift is not the layman on the street, as these realities eventually percolate down to them. It is, as always, with the academia — the scientific community.

    From the Copenhagen Interpretation in 1927 till now, which is more than 80 long years, we have just come to this first of the many “ground-breaking” steps. But it is still the beginning of the beginning! And it took almost a century to only just come to the starting line, as it were.

    When Capra’s “Tao of Physics” appeared as a popular paperback in the mid 1970s, followed by Zukav’s “Dancing WuLi Masters” several years after that,
    the academia were laughing their lungs out. On the actual scientific fronts, the Consciousness movement is very new. But it has started, and certainly, with no turning back whatsoever.

    And it takes physicists (like Goswami for one) to be able and daring enough to punch huge holes through the established positivistic and empiricists’ conceptions of reality.


    But nothing beats getting into the real level, and with the real language and medium of understanding what it is all about — a good and relatively easy-to-understand book.

    I suggest this one ….

    Dr Goswami wrote it in two Parts. Each Part is a hard-cover volume. Part-1 is titled “From Newton to Einstein”. This, you and I can afford to ignore, because Part-2 has very succinct summaries and constant explanations of the contents from Part-1.

    What I am suggesting is just Part-2, titled “The Quantum Revolution”. And this has 34 chapters. I suggest you start with Chapter-14 onwards.

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