A new era of responsibility.

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“Consciousness is the ground of all being, not matter.”

OmThis statement on first glance appears so obvious that we can hardly hear its implications. Everywhere we turn we find the materialist religion being touted. You are after all nothing but your dna, a meat puppet, our experiences only phenomenon with no real purpose or meaning.

This religion of the physical world and the worship of its values has diminished the incredible, miraculous experience each one of us has moment by moment to nothing more puissant than the random collection of dust coalescing in accordance to its own laws.

There are some real problems that result from blindly following this materialist religion, not least of which is isolation.

When people perceive of themselves as isolated individuals there creeps in a certain insecurity. A looking out for ‘number one’ so to speak. This feeling of being disconnected is one of the classic reasons for the expression of greed or grasping. This greed or grasping (be it for the next quarter profits or the next breath of air) results in further isolation and the construction of a view of personal vulnerability and fear and is characterized by an extreme reductionistic view of reality, a ‘show me’ mentality wherein we even being to question the authenticity of our own experience.

The consequences are all around us, from environmental defamation to economic feudalism. Disconnection from identifying oneself as a part of (not apart from) life allows for an anything goes justification since there is no fundamental purpose or responsibility to be found in this (sic) materialist world view.

But here, in the height of our current scientific understanding we are beginning to again assert what had been intuited by those who due to their contemplations on the mystery of life have been called mystics. That it is consciousness, not matter that is the ground of being. That it is the subtle that coalesces prior to the gross, that inspiration comes prior to thought, feeling, vital energy collection and particalization of the wave form into an actual experience.

Indeed it is at each place within consciousness; be it gross, subtle or super subtle that it is consciousness itself that is choosing what to place its attention upon and thus cause to grow.

Inherent in this new world view is an innate and profound maturation as well as a freedom from the childish ideas of victimization.

If we are simply puppets, bumbling our way into an unknown evolution… if this were to be true, then we do have much reason to continue grasping for each desire or breath like a hungry ghost, unable to satisfy even the most basic want. If we are only matter, then it is truly said that all is unsatisfactory.

However, if we can be honest and discerning within our being, we find that we do not need a body to have a emotional or mental experience, that in all of life, the same laws apply, that whatever becomes manifest first exists in possibility prior to it becoming an actuality.

Prior to our creation of anything, first arises inspiration! Only then can we coalesce the needed material or non material structures needed to bring that inspiration into a sharable form.

This is what has been turned on its head within the materialist religion. Setting a scene where many people will outfit themselves first, fulfilling all the material requirements for a given action hoping that this might inspire them to act. This model of course has served those who benefit from a world based in insecurity and divide and conquer politics, but it does little for nurturing the processing of real meaning from which all of sentient life could benefit.

As creative agents of change we are responsible for what we create whether these creations have been nurtured with awareness or with non-awareness. Be they thoughts, emotions, actions or things we are a part, not apart, from this world and its manifestations. This is what is expressed in the term quantum entanglement.

So, what are we to do about this?

Recognizing that through the reality of quantum entanglement… that our choices as individuals affects what non local consciousness also collapses from the possibilities. We are entwined. We do affect our reality.

How are you taking responsibility for the reality you are feeding back to the whole?

Together we can, and indeed it is imperative to recognize what and where this materialist world view has brought us, and with clarity of vision and wisdom born of experience begin to choose with awareness the type of world we are helping to make manifest.

The era of responsibility has begun.

2 Comments on “A new era of responsibility.”

  1. sue fagin

    I agree religions take a way who we are. It is our consciosness not matter. People are stuck, quantum frees us to be.

  2. Bonnie Gibbs

    I am so thankful for the quantum physicists that are doing so much to open our minds to true reality and wake us up from the dream we have been having. I am ordering the film, “the Quantum Activist”, and looking forward to seeing it.

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