Team Screening at the Newport Performing Arts Center

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Seats of PossibilitiesIt was a grand occasion. Filled with possibilities, as represented by the rows and rows, and balconies of empty seats. An empty stage. 

How would it look? How would it sound? How would it feel? This was the very first time we had the opportunity to screen The Quantum Activist on a screen of the magnitude of a performing arts center… a center that holds it’s own film festival!

Jan is such a blessing to BlueDot. It’s as if she believes in helping creatives in the core of her being. While ceaslessly running the Newport Performing Arts Center, she is also a lead for the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts

Yes, Jan is good to us. She has helped this production company have access to stages, equipment and venues we would have never thought possible.

We met with Steve Travis, an amazing and creative guy who was to help us with the projection and sound. There were two options for the screen, a small projection screen (small at 20′ or so) and the large scrim they are using for the Opera simulcasts at over 35′ . We chose the scrim, even though it decreased our saturation of our film… as we wanted to see it “bigger than life”.

Once we found the right keys to get into the projection room, we squeezed by the monster 35mm projector, found the hookups for the laptop, and proceeded to plugin to the 10,000 lumen digital projector that is standing by to take the old behemoth’s place someday soon.

On my trusty laptop resided a 4:2:2 10 bit version of the film, in as Hi-Def as we could muster, weighing in at over 80 gigabytes. We used a Griffith Firewave to patch the Dolby 5.1 into the theaters sound board and did a couple quick checks for sound. While I wasn’t as happy with the sound as I could have been, I was told the PAC is missing a subwoofer. (Something imperative in my view of a lover of the thump.)

I ran down out of the projection room while the titles were flowing, and found my seat next to the crew. The next 78 minutes were pure heaven to me, as I looked for every bump, every pixel, every color that could possibly be out of sync with our vision. But there were so few! 

We gasped at the concept of God. We were taken aback at the materialist world view. We were enthralled by Dr. Goswami.

When it ended, many exclaimed “It’s over already??!” Now to a directors ear, to have a comment like that on a film on quantum physics and the nature of reality… it sounded sublime.

Now it’s your turn. We’re working diligently on finding screening venues near you!

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2 Comments on “Team Screening at the Newport Performing Arts Center”

  1. Eileen McCabe

    Will there be a public screening in Newport.
    I see no mention of A PUBLIC SCREENING.

    I hope there will be one.
    I live in Waldport, Oregon.

    Eileen McCabe

  2. Ri

    Thank you for asking Eileen!

    Yes, we must do a local screening of the film. We figure on setting something up in late september or october.

    Thanks again for the enthusiasm!


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