Connecting the Classical and Quantum

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How does a classical temperature form in the quantum world? An experiment at the Vienna University of Technology has directly observed the emergence and the spreading of a temperature in a quantum system. Remarkably, the quantum properties are lost, even though the quantum system is completely isolated and not connected to the outside world. The experimental results are being published … Read More

More Quantum Weirdness

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Quantum physics is getting real — and getting really weird. If the strange properties of entanglement, teleportation and superposition can be harnessed, it could revolutionize computing, communication, banking and much, much more. That’s a big “if.” But several reports over the past few days suggest that folks are willing to spend millions of dollars to turn theory into reality: • Can … Read More

The Meaning of Complementarity

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By Amit Goswami, Ph.D. Quantum physics is finally coming of age.  The film The Quantum Activist made famous the line “quantum physics is the physics of possibilities.”  And the idea that consciousness chooses actuality from these possibilities must be getting well known too since even the New York Times columnist David Brooks commented in a recent column that quantum physics has … Read More

Phoenix Premiere

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We hope you were able to join everyone in  warm and sunny Scottsdale Arizona for the Phoenix premiere of the Quantum Activist! The first screening was held at the New Vision Spiritual Center on Hayden. Our friends at New Vision have been the perfect hosts for our premiere, as they know personally the power of quantum physics, and the message … Read More