Brazil loves the Quantum Activist

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The Quantum Activist, known within Brazil as “O Ativista Quantico”  has sold out it’s first run within 2 weeks of it’s release! Dr. Goswami has been there for the last few weeks, speaking at lectures, film screenings and corporate entities wanting to apply the ideas of Quantum Activism not only in their own lives, but changing the world through their … Read More

A new review!

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“The Quantum Activist is a documentary on DVD revealing a tremendous shift in thought outside of the standard materialist perspective of mainstream science. More and more scientists are constructing and evaluating a paradigm grounded in the power and presence of consciousness. Amit Goswami, Ph.D. guides viewers through a tour of what the similarities in the world’s major religions and mystical … Read More

Quantum Activist goes Down Under

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G’Day mate. BlueDot is excited about the finalization of the licensing rights for the Quantum Activist in Australia; which means the film will be distributed down under by Hopscotch Films. It seems inevitable for the Quantum Activist to go international since Dr. Goswami’s sources and references are themselves international and his message universal. Australia should make a wonderful venue for … Read More

Seattle and Portland Opening Premieres!

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All those late nights of editing. All those days schlepping equipment around the University of Oregon trying to find a quiet place. All those monotonous festival submissions. None of it prepared us for the exhilaration of having our film screened to sold out audiences! [singlepic id=91 w=320 h=240 float=left] I guess we tried not to think about the films success while … Read More