Best Film at Chile Digital Film Festival!

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The Quantum Activist has been given the honor of being selected as “Best Film” at the Chile Digital International Film Festival! This is our biggest honor, receiving not a best in category, but a best in overall! Needless to say, South America is open to the ideas of Spirit! The Digital International Film Festival was born in 2003 due to … Read More

Local Film, Global Message

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By James Kiser Festival Organizer Owner of Abraxas Video At no point in my life can I remember a time when there has not been at least a half dozen self help philosophies circulating their way through popular culture. From mail order courses teaching you to master the art of the meaningful stare to pick up women, to videos that … Read More

Heart of England Film Festival

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Appears that Nick Hudson knows how to throw a party! Be sure to stop over to his new website keeping a close eye on the festivities and screenings happening across the pond. We are delighted to hear that we have been nominated for both “Best American Documentary” and overall “Best Documentary” at the Heart of England Film Festival in Tamworth, … Read More