Seattle’s East West Books

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We had  a great screening at East West Books in Seattle last night. (February 10th).Our last public screening at Central Cinemas in Seattle not only filled the house, but left 100 people looking for the next show. After the initial launch of the film in August, we are finally back in our home region with The Quantum Activist.

Many joined the filmmakers Renee Slade and Ri Stewart, along with the pivotal Betsy Chasse, co-creator of  “What the Bleep do we know?” for a lively conversation after the film about quantum physics, the nature of reality, and our responsibility to it.

Many moviegoers talked about how the film touched them to apply the power of quantum physics into their own lives.  We talked about dualism a bit, but most importantly… what can we do to create a beautiful reality within the co-creation that we are entangled with?   Thanks for coming!

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