Seattle and Portland Opening Premieres!

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All those late nights of editing. All those days schlepping equipment around the University of Oregon trying to find a quiet place. All those monotonous festival submissions. None of it prepared us for the exhilaration of having our film screened to sold out audiences!

[singlepic id=91 w=320 h=240 float=left] I guess we tried not to think about the films success while we had our heads down in the middle of the work…. as I must say we were completely unprepared for the acceptance and joy the film received from it’s initial audiences.

Our distributor and rainmaker, Betsy Chasse (remember her from What the bleep, right?) & her right hand partner Melissa Henderson turned our premieres into a classic cinderella story. How could a group of independent filmmakers trying to do something as ideological as creating conscious media from the rainforests of oregon, ever have expected to have their film so well received in such beautiful theaters? The joy this brought to us is difficult to put into words.

Warren Etheridge from the Warren Report in Seattle was our host for both evenings, and he was a wonderful Master of Ceremonies. Both theaters worked hard at making our film look its best in the finest quality high-definition for the big screen.

Seattle sold out right away, with over 100 additional people calling the theater to get tickets to the event. We hope to see a theatrical run at Central Cinemas in Seattle due to popular demand.

The Living Room Theater in Portland sold out as well! Luckily Betsy had reserved 2 screens in case of this event, and we filled both theaters. Our team all gave up their tickets, so we waited anxiously in the lobby for the crowds reaction. It was glowing!

Dr. Goswami conducted a wonderful question and answer session after both events, with excited patrons asking meaningful questions that heightened the energy of the event; all with the possibility of changing ourselves and our world.

To our surprise, an entire van full of our bohemian friends drove over 4 hours from the coast to share our premiere. It was wonderful, and an experience that we will never forget.

Thank you everyone!


2 Comments on “Seattle and Portland Opening Premieres!”

  1. Ri

    I should preface, or at least apologize for some of the photos… as we found ourselves there with nothing but an iPhone on a dark night in a dark room. I hope they express more than lack of technical prowess.

  2. Warren Etheredge

    It was a pleasure and privilege to host these screenings and question Dr. Goswami. He is an amazing man, thoughtful, fanciful and funny. Even those who can’t fully comprehend or fully accept his theories must admit they still learned from the man. Wow. THE QUANTUM ACTIVIST is a documentary that simply provokes, presenting complex subject matter in a straight-forward manner. Kudos.

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