There’s a revolution going on in science.

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RevolutionInScienceWhen we at Bluedot first started to collaborate with Dr Goswami, he would often speak of the revolution that has been occurring in science. We would patiently and somewhat reluctantly listen, wondering how or why anyone in science would intentionally work to keep new valid discoveries out of the public awareness as well as to work politically to secure the dogma of scientific materialism as the only mode of relevant scientific inquiry. We couldn’t really even process it.

But we listened, and we created the Quantum Activist, focusing not on the battle, but on the solutions. Yet we did mention it as the tagline.

As the years have accrued, we have seen again and again indeed there is an active and concerted plan to expunge any discoveries or thought into arena’s that are not easily patentable as are the incremental changes that are directly applied to the materialist realm.  You know, cell phones are important. Telepathy…? Nonlocality… ?

First there was the chance encounter with a dean of the science department as he literally frothed at the mouth yelling at us –  “Why are you interested in what HE has to say, all this mumbo jumbo about consciousness being the ground of being is non-sense, not science!!”  He was truly bent out of shape that we were there to interview Amit Goswami and not himself about the cutting edge of research that day. I’ll never forget how his secretary was abhorred and apologetic to our crew. Thankfully, we helped move Amit out of that building weeks later.

Then there was the unique experience of Dr. Goswami’s Wikipedia page being pulled – essentially by one adamant voice arguing that although he is a popular author numerous times over, stars in a film made about his concepts and ideas, was in What The Bleep Do We Know? –  (the 5th largest grossing documentary of all time) and… literally wrote the university text on quantum physics;  Still this person argued his irrelevance effectively removing Dr. Goswami’s Wikipedia page.  Effectively trying to stop the ability for us all to respond to the evolutionary imperative of our day. My recent check shows Amit referenced on 105 other wikipedia pages, but his was removed?

We still don’t have this one solved, and there is still a vacuum at Wikipedia where Amit’s page was.  I invite you to read the dialogue on his removal, and assist us in solving this travesty.

Then the day we received a threatening letter from the provost, demanding we remove any reference that Dr. Goswami was professor ‘emeritus’, from any documents that contained his biography. Now remember, Amit retired from the University of Oregon as a tenured professor after 29 years of teaching – starting there in 1968. Even still, these previous noble institutions seek to discredit, while profiting from his work.

And now, TED. Oh TED –  idea’s worth spreading, but… here is the current caveat, they are only idea’s worth spreading if they fit within a ‘head in the sand’ view of materialist science as has been codified by the institutions that have deemed how to profit from this model and eradicate any of the breakthrough discoveries that have given birth to much of our modern society.

Dr Sheldrake, Hancock, Schlitz, Goswami (prior to this event) are all blacklisted by this most popular format of exchanging ideas that will inform us all and help guide our future.

This revolution that is going on in science includes not just a few turf war struggles but even a couple outright battles. Amit assures us these new developments make it apparent we have scientific materialism “On the run”.

Will we move forward in science to include consciousness and the ever expanding and informative revolution of post materialist science? Or will they manage to cut themselves and us all off from the source of discovery? Preferring instead the comfort of cronyism and status quo scientific materialism? In the end the choice is ours. Will we grow and thrive or will we stay in a world view filled with paradoxes? Ones that prove the inadequacy simply to maintain the discomfort of thinking a thought we had never encountered before?

It’s up to us. There is a revolution going on in science.

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15 Comments on “There’s a revolution going on in science.”

  1. Ken Feltham

    Nassim Nicholas Taleb (The Bed Procrustes 2010) argues: “The mediocre regret their words more than their silence; finer men regret their silence more than their words, the magnificent has nothing to regret.’ I think Dr Goswami is in the third category.
    Further Taleb states: “You are guaranteed a reputation when you hear the declaration “never again.”

  2. Larry Saebens

    I am just a retired electronics technician who stumbled across The Quantum Activist on Netflix and have been reborn so to speak. I enjoyed this movie so much I ordered the dvd just to have it. I have read God is not Dead and am currently reading Physics of the Soul. I must admit I always have Wiktionary opened on my pc because I constantly have to look up words. If whoever reads this knows Dr. Goswami please just thank him for me, he has changed my life and my worries about death. Thank all of you fine people involved in this website also. May God be with you.

  3. David O Beagain

    “When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign:
    that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him.”
    Jonathan Swift, “Gulliver’s Travels”, Ireland, 1721.

  4. Lynn Howard

    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Einstein

  5. Noushin

    The truth will be out and no matter how long we have been blind to it, it’s time for a new way of thinking, new way of concepts, stories, perceptions, views and understandings about our existence as Human beings. Thank you to all who forward the conversation.

  6. Ian Archibald

    I purchased The Self Aware Universe in the 1990’s. I immediately felt that here was a thinker who was articulating an important connection between physics and spirituality. I have followed Amit’s work ever since. As far as I am aware Amit hypotheses have not been disproved and are increasingly being proved. I was sorry to hear of these latest actions by the scientific community. Never mind truth will out.

  7. Michael

    I am somehow depressed that, apperantly, nothing happens, and in the case it might, it simply happens too slowly. My optimism slowly vanishes and this even influenced me on a personal level.

    It almost feels useless to study science when the chances are almost one in a million to get a job that is connected to the New Science.

  8. Wayne Sterba

    There is a martial art form called akido. Essentially, it is a non-aggressive form that, when mastered, essentially “defeats” all other martial art forms (apologies to any pratitioners for the thumb-nail desciption.) The practitioner uses the energy of the aggressor against the agressor himself.The philosophy is that attack always puts the aggressor off balance.) This concept can be applied to psychology, if you will allow, which I call simply “psychological akido.” What Dr. G has done has simply used the “energies” of the quantum science facts to make his arguments, constructing – or perhaps deconstructing 🙂 – their philosphies into a more coherent whole consistent with the arguments and research that were developed and proved over the entire 20th century. It is a masterful “attack”, perhaps “Quantum Akido” !!!!! Additionally, I would add the term “elegant’ to his approach.

  9. Derek Lynas

    Just a seeker of the truth passing by and on finding this web-site I find my convictions confirmed.
    All power to Amit and the others who see beyond the confines of our materialistic existence. It’s disgusting how the ‘establishment’ treat the real visionaries and thinkers of our time.
    To paraphrase the well-known quotation,
    `Seek the truth and recongnise the truth and it will surely set you free and truly free indeed’

  10. Michael Roll

    Dr. Amit Goswani is in very good company. He is getting the same treatment as our great scientist Sir Oliver Lodge FRS, the first person to send a radio signal in 1894. Lodge also dared to link survival after death with subatomic physics in 1933.
    Please read his article “The Mode of Future Existence” that is on my website:
    Also on this site is the proof about this radio signal. My webmaster came all the way from Germany to take a photo of the plaque at the Museum Lecture Theatre at Oxford University on the very spot where this experiment took place. For daring to link subatomic physics with survival after death Sir Oliver Lodge has been written out or attacked in our history books.

  11. Michael Roll

    People on this site will be delighted to hear that Professor Brian Josephson, a Nobel Laureate for Physics at Cambridge University, has taken on the American magician James Randi when he called those of us who link survival after death with subatomic physics – “Scoundrels”
    Go to Josephson’s website and you can listen to his BBC Radio 4 broadcast where he takes on the parapsychologists who start from the base that death is the end of everything.
    He would not be allowed to do this on British television programmes because it is against the TV codes in our “free” country. We are only allowed to talk about life after death in a light-hearted manner or as a wish merely to entertain.

  12. Peter

    Only when we teach children that there is no such thing as death. That everything changes to their respective energy level and no amount of praying or bribery will change these things as this is perfect justice. When we teach that life as a HU-Man on this planet is measured by what you do for others, unconditionally, depends on what you receive. We are meant to live life not make a living. The three satanic energies on this planet that we have made are religion,politics and big business. We are all part of the ABSOLUTE,no matter what else you prefer to call it but there is no outside or inside it is everything and everywhere and all knowing. ‘There is no good or bad in all the world but thought makes it so,’ said Shakespeare. So just enjoy the eternal moment. When you have found happiness in a damp dark cell then nothing can touch you ever again for you are in tune with the infinite that is in everything. All love and happynes. Peter

  13. ri

    It’s never useless to join in on something as important as the evolution of our species Michael. We hope that many like you will follow in the paths of todays post-materialist thinkers to pave us a new future where a new science can evolve.

  14. Michael Roll

    This Sunday 21 April on BBC 2 Televsion at 8.00 pm there is the start of a two part documentary on Alfred Russel Wallace who put forward the theory of evolution. This great scientist has been written out of our history books because he did the same thing as Dr. Amit Goswami and Sir Oliver Lodge – connected the study of survival after death with subatomic physics, natural and normal forces in the universe. If we look up Wallace on the Internet it is full of the normal lies that he went mad and started dabbling in the religion of Spiritualism. His only “crime” was to dare to tell the truth.

  15. Lorraine Marozzi

    The problem with science is that the great majority of scientists refuse to think out of the box – to trust anything that they can’t see with their 5 physical senses. They refuse to believe (even though in their true self they know) that we are all non-physical beings who have chosen to experience physicality and emotions in this physical reality. Seth (who was channeled by Jane Roberts in the 60s-80s) has given us some of the absolute best information on consciousness and the nature of our (and mass) reality. It is the first (if not the only) body of work that is housed in the Sterling Library at Yale. Over the centuries there have been many who are in touch with Source and who’ve added much to the ever-growing pool of information on life, death and everything in between and outside! There is much more information on Near Death Experiences (Anita Moorjani is one who comes to mind). There are more people channeling their inner self or other non-physical essences. Science may be lagging behind, but with the shift in consciousness that started in the early 20th century and will continue through 2075, science will be dragged into relevancy or buried in irrelevancy. In either case, the times they are a’ changin’ and at the soul level we are all participating. The major ‘shifts’ in our objective reality are 1) moving from the masculine (intellect) to the feminine (intuition), 2) a coming to the end of the financial system as we know it (good-bye dollar, euro, etc), and 3) the end of the religious ‘era’. This reality is nothing more than a hologram, although it is a very good one!! I believe Michael Talbot has written a book called the Halographic Universe, which I have not yet read. The information that I’ve obtained on the shift in consciousness may be found not only in the Seth books, but in private and group transcripts of sessions held with Elias, and energy essence who is channeled by Mary Ennis in Brattleboro, VT. The majority of sessions are posted on the website and are available to anyone who is interested in reading them. Criticism and synicism are not necessary or welcome. If you’re not interested or not a ‘believer’, that’s fine. It’s unnecessary to let anyone else in on your secret! 🙂 Here is the link to the Elias transcript database:

    Happy Shifting!!!

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