10 Comments on “Dr. Goswami on Post Materialist Science”

  1. Wes Hopper

    I’m very glad to see that this idea is spreading across disciplines. Someone has said that new ideas are first ignored, then ridiculed, then violently opposed, then accepted. We will certainly see this with post materialist science.

  2. Paul McGovern

    I’ve always thought that I was a evilutionist and a creationist. In genesis of the bible it tells of a creation in the order that it should be in. The part most people have a problem with is that he did it in seven days. Now what is a day a measurement of. Time. And what do we know about time. Time changes depending on different factors. Namely gravity and speed. So I believe earth could have been made in seven days. Just not an earth based seven days. Have quite a lot more to say later. Thank you.

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  4. Jim Kiefer

    This explains so much about my belief system. I have studied many different religions and have found value in all of them. I have always “felt” that Jesus’ message was so much more than what Christian or any other religious doctrine professed. Dr. Goswami has expressed in science and words what I have always felt, a conscienceness that makes us one. Wouldn’t it be great if we could create one day a week where everyone meditated on the subject of Love at the same time, like Sunday worship service but instead of clinging to doctrine, cling to the oneness of love.

  5. Kevin Phillips

    I posted the following on Big Thinkers on Facebook and got no reply. Not sure why 🙂

    ?1st Question: Has Matter ever produced Consciousness?
    2nd Question: Has Consciousness ever produced Matter?

    If a Material physicist could not find a single instance to answer YES to the first question they would have now take as fact that all things are created through Consciousness.

  6. Cymber Lily Conn

    I watched the movie last night on Netflix, and felt: “ah, here is someone who has the science to prove what I have felt was true.” As a Reiki Master, and a backseat astronomer and archaeologist, I am excited that young scientists will begin to break down the barriers between science a spirituality. I also believe that some of our ills come from poor communication between the Universe and the Individual. Understanding and treating those blockages would increase communication not only with our own sense of the Universe, but over time could increase meditative communication between people. Great work! Looking forward to hearing more…

  7. Solomon Terra

    Wes Hopper quoted: ” Someone has said that new ideas are first ignored, then ridiculed, then violently opposed, then accepted.”

    The really funny thing is that after that happens, everyone pretends to have known it all along. 😉 LOL! I love that aspect of humanity. It’s rather “cute”, in a way. 🙂

  8. Revar J.M.

    Wow…”Post Materialist Science”, an innovative plus having quantum scientific base, is new spiritual science; and Dr.Goswami has mustered courage to ride on this and clearing the way to experience spiritual insights and enrich life on earth & go beyond. His inclusive approach including religions, is commendable.

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