Coming to cable near you!

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When we first started production of the Quantum Activist, we hoped that it would be seen, but being our first film our expectation was kept in check with the reality and complexity of filmmaking.. let alone quantum physics. Feeling like a cinderella story, the film has gone from festival to theater, country to continent…and now the Quantum Activist is coming to a home near you.

The Quantum Activist is now available On Demand starting January 1st and will run for 90 days all over America with the following cable channels. Is yours listed here?

[cc_half_col_left] Charter
Verizon Fios
AT&T U-Verse
Blue Ridge
Valley Connections
Bristol Virginia Utilities
[/cc_half_col_left] [cc_half_col_right] Burlington Telecom
Access Comm.
Bluewater TV Cable
Cable Cable Inc.
Eastlink Halifax
NorthwesTel Cable
Seaside Communications
Source Cable
Twin Valley Communications
Valley Connections

One Comment on ““Coming to cable near you!”

  1. Sebastian

    We need you here in the uk too you know!!!
    Why do you always do everything in the us. 🙁
    Make me a happy man and go quantum on the uk and get your mighty minds into London please!! 🙂

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