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Filmmakers Ri Stewart and Renee Slade tackle a weighty subject -- quantum mechanics -- in this thought-provoking documentary that centers on visionary scientist Amit Goswami and his revolutionary theories about reality and consciousness. Without watering down too much of the science, the film illuminates the details of Goswami's work while putting forth challenging new ideas about mysticism, God and religious thought.

There are some serious changes happening in the way we get our entertainment. The old days of the theaters, and eventual DVD’s are going by the wayside, allowing us to screen the latest and coolest from our own home entertainment system, or even our portable iPad. The online digital distribution days are here… and the Quantum Activist is pleased to be among this revolution.

Have you been waiting to see the Quantum Activist online? It’s now available for instant streaming on Netflix. Please leave a review, and in this way support the field of Post Materialist Science.


5 Comments on “Now available at Netflix”

  1. Shirley

    Just watched it; it came up in my “Suggestions”, and I’m so glad it did! I’ve felt this truth my whole life, but could never put it into words. thank you.

  2. Joshua Nelson

    Very well thought out way of seeing reality and the universe, put together well too. This guy is the modern day version of a shaman and visionary, he’s got something worthy to say.

  3. Claudine Pinet

    I have seen this movie so many times allready, and discovering each time so many new openings in my mind….Thanks so much for being who you are dear Amit ! you gave so much to all of us with your words and your smile….

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