Littlefield Theatre at Mills College

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3299769074_b95bf462fdThis was a very special, Special Screening.

This whole event has some real magic behind it. Grassroots, old school magic. First, our friends in Oakland set the whole thing up with the Mills College so it could be offered for free to their students. That means that it was also free to the public as well!

Then, we have to talk about how amazing this venue is. One of california’s most notable Spanish Colonial architects created an incredible space, and it was newly renovated in 2008. Full new acoustics, soundboards, media projection… it looked & sounded incredible! We projected through one of the nicest projectors I have ever experienced from a Hi-Def version. The low frequencies within the theater were amazing.

We would like to thank all of you that came out for this screening! We would also like to thank our super cool friends Jaia & Josh, and our new friend Terrylynn who greeted all the movie goers. A special YAY! goes to Mills College for this wonderful opportunity in community activism.


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