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By Cheryl Shainmark


This excellent film takes up where “The Secret” & “What the Bleep Do We Know?”  left off. If you’ve been wondering why, despite your best intentions, you haven’t manifested a BMW or the winning lottery ticket, then The Quantum Activist will set you straight.

Better yet, this film may jump start the kind of collective leap of consciousness needed for solving the big issues like war, poverty, global warming and the environmental crisis.

Dr. Amit Goswami, a theoretical quantum physicist, has written the textbook for quantum mechanics as well as several other books of a more mystical nature. This film, based in part on Goswami’s lectures, outlines a new view of consciousness, science, God, and what it all means for us. According to Goswami, quantum physics supports or explains how we create from our consciousness, how “intentions” really work, and how we are not separated from each other or from God. As the title implies though, this film goes beyond manifesting a fat paycheck and into the realms of activism. Amit Goswami is looking at the larger picture and hoping for a global shift in consciousness that may be the next step in our evolution.

Goswami guides us through his theories with humor and illustrative stories (math phobics will be reassured as there is no math at all) and leads us to the same conclusion that every great religion has been saying for centuries — that we are all connected. Once we realize that than global change becomes possible. As “The Quantum Activist” illuminates, when we realize that we are all one, then violence becomes unthinkable. If we are all connected to each other and to the earth, than stealing land or resources, or squandering them becomes impossible. We are only damaging ourselves when we damage the earth.

The Quantum Activist” turns physics into surprisingly good eye candy, and the cinematography is lively. Kudos to Ri Stewart and Renee Slade for great directing, producing and editing.

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