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The Quantum Activist is coming to Italy.

Bluedot is pleased to announce that the licensing rights have been finalized and everything is set for distribution on the Italian peninsula.  It is inevitable that the Quantum Activist goes international since Dr. Goswami’s sources and references are themselves international and his message universal.

Italy has that Mediterranean passion some may call an addiction to beauty.  The Quantum Activist has aimed not only to present Dr. Goswami’s message clearly, but also to create a cinematic tapestry to do justice to the beauty of his work.  In fact, much of the artwork and churches in the film are from Italy. We are excited that our film will be seen by a people with such an aesthetic for visual beauty in a country with such a wealth of magnificent art.

The Italian soul prefers the physical, visceral effect of a Michelangelo creation to the contemplation of it.  Theirs is a visual more than a cerebral culture.  Transcendence through beauty.

We thank MacroVideo for their vision and assistance in our international distribution.

Of course Italy also has a rich history of literary and intellectual contributions.  But even at the height of cerebral investigation there seems to be a playful spirit in the Italian.  They are a touchy-feely, sensual playful people who have somehow given us the tragedy of opera.  Heavy subjects are handled with a playful spirit as evidenced by the graceful curves of statues.

There is something of this playful spirit in the film for even as he discusses his most esoteric points, Dr. Goswami belies a playful even humorous soul. We look forward to the reception of the Quantum Activist in the beautiful land of Italy.


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