The Mainstream

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Looks like the Quantum Activist is now available at Walmart and Target stores! When we were working on the film, exploring these radical concepts such as “Consciousness is the ground of being”, we had no idea that the Quantum Activist could ever become so mainstream. When we were doing our pre-release screenings with friends and colleagues, the number one statement … Read More

The surprising power of the placebo

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The Germans are happier than we are. The average German also enjoys better health and lives longer than the average American, all of which raise the possibility that their medical system is better than ours. One has to keep this in mind when evaluating a recent move by the German Medical Association that will sound insane—or worse—to many Americans. Based … Read More

Quantum explanation for how we smell gets new support

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Since 1996, when biophysicist Luca Turin first suggested that quantum mechanics may help explain how we smell various odors, the idea has met with controversy. In the past 15 years, some studies have found evidence supporting the theory, while other studies have found problems with it. Now Turin – who is currently at MIT and the Fleming Biomedical Sciences Research … Read More

Sages and Scientists 2011 with Deepak Chopra

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“If anyone wants to understand what my Dad’s true passion is, this is it,” Gotham Chopra, the film maker and author son of Deepak Chopra, told the crowd of several hundred people gathered at the Sages and Scientists Symposium in Carlsbad, California, last weekend. The Chopra Foundation hosted the annual event, now in its second year. For those familiar with … Read More

Now available at Netflix

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There are some serious changes happening in the way we get our entertainment. The old days of the theaters, and eventual DVD’s are going by the wayside, allowing us to screen the latest and coolest from our own home entertainment system, or even our portable iPad. The online digital distribution days are here… and the Quantum Activist is pleased to … Read More