Quantum Activist goes Down Under

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BlueDot is excited about the finalization of the licensing rights for the Quantum Activist in Australia; which means the film will be distributed down under by Hopscotch Films. It seems inevitable for the Quantum Activist to go international since Dr. Goswami’s sources and references are themselves international and his message universal.

Australia should make a wonderful venue for the film because like Dr. Goswami’s message in the Quantum Activist, Australia has a frontier spirit. Its cinema conveys this spirit to me with a craving for vistas of distinctly Australian landscapes. Red and endless. Whereas the American West hits me as rugged and heroic, the Australian panorama is primeval – mythic. It opens one up rather than circumscribes. It seems to be a culture with an appetite for expanding boundaries and a land with a mythic presence.

A land with a mythic presence.
I was hitch-hiking in Australia’s outback and was stuck somewhere north of Alice Springs in a desolate place far from anywhere. There were only flies and dirt in the 110 degree sun and a series of large, strange boulders. In honor of the boulders the place was named Devils Marbles. There seemed to be no other rocks in this desert giving the boulders a distinct presence.

The aborigines believe that the rocks are the fossilized eggs of the Rainbow serpent who laid them during the dream time while resting after having fashioned the earth. Geologist say that they are granite rocks of volcanic origin which have been eroded to their unusual shapes.

That night I was alone as I waited for a vehicle to come along. With the flies gone I seemed to be the only living thing. The silence and blackness of the desert; and these large rocks had an effect on me. It wasn’t so much that I felt I was traveling backwards in time; it was more like something ancient were racing towards me. As if dreaming I heard metallic whispers from the rocks; there was a cold tingling. By the time I got a ride the next day I had more faith in the aboriginal story than that of the geologists. They were rocks by day and eggs by night.

I am reminded of the anthropologist who asks the native if he really believes that all those rocks out there have living spirits. “Of course not”, answers the native. “Not all of them.”

We are enthusiastic to see how the film which aspires to a frontier spirit and has a mystic disposition does in the magical land of Australia.

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