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  • 3 years, 6 months ago

    sanders woodard

    Is Amit Jesus, seriously, I can’t be as extreme as Jesus because there aren’t enough peoiple to do it, there wasn’t enough people when He was here before or whatever. %00= isn’t enough is it and who is going to forget half assed reason-fear and really love? We are prisoners of social learning. Are you sure, I am! There are children starving, let’s save then- not complicate things with fear. “In God we trust”= really, doesn’t look that way.” There 8is nothing to fear but fear itself.” FR says it but didn’t do it, what the fuck is going on, are ytou under sensitized or just seeing the future and “that’s just the way it is.” What is going to bring our culture a quantum leap but war or revolution- violent war or revolution? Dr. Suffer has shown us the light, what is the first step? For Yahweh’s sake! P.S. doesn’t an i look like a particle and ray and sound like “eye?”- quantum tunneling- Jesus quantum tunneled the cat in the box through the raising of the little girl, cool!!! screw you guys, i’m going home to Sabrina!