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Zsolt Zsofka

active 2 years, 8 months ago
I started to apply number of different thinking methodologies to better understand Quantum Activism. Happy to share my work with anyone interested. Also I am happy to look into the work of anyone who is working towards better understanding the topics of “Right THINKING”, “Right Living”, “Right Livelihood”. View
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    A group for […]
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    Right living […]
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    Right […]
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    active 1 week ago ago
    Right […]
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    What is the […]
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    Discussions […]
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  • Problems of Classical-Mechanistic Thinking

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    I believe […]
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    How do you […]
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  • TIme?

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    The […]
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  • Website Usability

    active 8 months, 1 week ago ago
    The site is a […]
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  • Film

    active 10 months ago ago
    Join in on […]
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