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Public Group active 4 weeks ago ago

Imagine that you’re sitting with your friends, munching on popcorn, sipping your favorite movie beverage, and talking about the cool and wild things Dr. Goswami suggests. This new forum provides information about how to host – or simply attendfun local discussion groups based on the thought Dr. Goswami promotes.

When you’re ready to host or join a group in your area, the Center for Quantum Activism has created a Meetup page here to help you easily manage your events. In addition to showing his latest documentary, “The Quantum Activist,” your group could include lively discussions of things from his books, conference addresses and any of his movies, including “What tHē βLēēP Dθ wΣ (k)πow!?”

Posts here are about one of three things – hosting a group, co-hosting a group, or attending a group. It’s helpful that you’d mention your locale in your post, because that way surfers can quickly search the page for it. For public showings of the Quantum Activist movie you’ll need to make arrangements with its distributor, Intention Media. The brand new, Quantum Activist Workbook, for discussion groups, is available for free download at this link.

Thanks for your visit and participation, and we look forward to seeing you in a live, local discussion group in your area!